Sunday, August 30, 2009

Felt iPod Touch Case

Last weekend I became the owner of a brand new iPod Touch. Husband bought a MacBook Pro, I received the iPod as part of the deal. Immediately I knew it would need a case. The metal back attracts fingerprints and the iPod slips right out of my hands; I am a klutz and would be needing some protection from myself! I spent a whooping $0.29 on some blue felt, pulled out my embroidery box, and went to work.

I love the way the 'free motion embroidery' on the medallion turned out. The case is held closed by a strip of elastic sewn onto the front panel. Headphones go in one side and iPod goes in the other. Simple enough. Did I mention the felt is reincarnated plastic soda bottles? Goodbye Diet Pepsi, hello Pedro the Lion.

Unrelated note... do you see my lack of album art? It was all lost when transferring music from one computer to another long ago. Makes Cover Flow pretty sad. One of the downfalls of not having internet at home, I suppose.

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Hermione J. Schwartz said...

I am a klutz, too. Do you think it's in the name? The first thing I did when I got a new cell phone was make a (slightly padded) case for it. And boy does in come in handy. However, I am jealous of your A medallion. Very cute. =]


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