Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happiness is...

It has been almost two months since my last posting. During a recent conversation a friend asked, "when am I going to open your blog and see more than an apron?". Well, friend, the time is now.

Creativity seems to have dried up at my house; the only sewing I've done recently was projects for other people [basket liners for a friend's nursery and two lap quilts made from Sunday School quilt blocks]. Sewing out of necessity and not because of inspiration is a total buzz kill. Plus, I think I've adjusted to the Eastern time zone [Conan isn't on until 11:30!!!] and Husband and I have been sleeping in more, thus negating all free time I used to have between 5:30 and 8am way back in our CST days.

I think I'm coming out of the slump, though, as the past few days have been INCREDIBLY busy from 7-9am [in two mornings time I've done five loads of laundry, cleaned and vacuumed the first floor of our house, changed the engine air filters in both cars, and started practicing my yoga again. PHEW!]. I've even got my eye on a few projects, namely, the Summer Blouse from Weekend Sewing, something or other out of some Amy Butler I bought on a whim [perhaps the summer blouse!], and a skirt or two.

Now... to get to the post I originally set out to write.

I have the great joy [and sometimes frustration] of working with kids on a daily basis. Today one particularly ornery 5 year old said to me, "Miss Adrienne, I really like my life", and then continued to list all the reasons why his life is so grand. Got me thinking about the good things that have been happening in my life recently and so, this list is born.

Happiness is...
  • having an incredible Husband who is just an all around great guy.
  • talking to friends from far away, sharing life via the phone even though the miles keep us apart.
  • patiently waiting YEARS to find a watch that I had pictured in my head and randomly coming across it at Sundance.
  • having a 6 year old tell me 'I like your shirt!'
  • the new Iron and Wine collection. Some old stuff, some remastered stuff, and some new stuff, too.
  • getting away from life for a bit; Husband and I will be traveling to Richmond VA soon. Any must see things?

So what do you have in your life to be happy about this week?

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evangeline said...

no more apron...i love it


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