Sunday, June 28, 2009

Merry Belated Christmas

Way back in the fall I decided to make my friend, Stephanie, a quilt for Christmas. When we lived in Chicago Stephanie would come over every week to watch LOST with us. Because the Husband is a polar bear, our house was always freezing and and TV viewing required a throw blanket (still does, even now in June because of the high speed usage of the ceiling fan). Steph and I would hunt out whatever blanket or quilt we could find, settle in, and try and decided whether or not Charlie was dead [!!!].

So back to this quilt; it didn't get done by Christmas. Not at all. Steph came out here to visit us in May; the quilt was done then, but wasn't bound. Steph's birthday was last week. The quilt was finally finished and shipped away to it's new home. Procrastination at it's finest, folks!

Brown to match Steph's couch and yellow to match her living room walls. The patterned fabric is Amy Butler, the brown and green are cotton solids, the bright yellow/orange is gingham fat quarters. I freezer paper stenciled the tag with her initials and mine... the paint bled a bit more than I'm comfortable with, but after 6 months I didn't have time to be picky.

So, what's the longest you've ever had a work-in progress? Can you beat my 6-8 month quilting endeavor?


Cristin Wilson said...
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Cristin said...

As I divulged on the flickr photo - I have a quilt for a friend thats been in-the-works since last September... was supposed to be a Christmas gift... still not done, and I'm thinking I can quilt and bind it in time for her 7/25 b-day.
Do I win ;-)


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