Saturday, October 25, 2008

St. Louis Recap

It is very late for me to be blogging. But this is how the chain of events went tonight... eat some amazing aged cheddar... go to sleep... have a dream about a crazy co-worker trying to kill me... wake up... spend hours on the couch trying to fall asleep. I should have known better! Dairy products before bed always give me crazy dreams!! Anyways, I'm taking this opportunity to recap our fabulous trip this week.

This week I...
  • replaced a foglight and TWO headlights that burnt out in Husband's car. How do TWO headlights burn out at the same time??
  • hand sewed the binding to my BTRS quilt. It is DONE and will be mailed tomorrow. Hurray! Expect a detailed blog post after Mary Ann receives it.
  • saw grandpa and grandma on my side and Husband's oma and opa.
  • ate sushi for the first time. I know, I know. I've been missing out. AND the restaurant where we ate was EMPTY. Just the 4 of us. Private sushi party at Modai!
  • loved the Stephen Kellog show at the Duck Room. So good! Only downside... idiots being rude and loud while Stephen was talking about something with actual meaning, you know, outside of telling jokes and pandering for someone to take him on the AB tour. And you know it's a good show when you walk out with a piece of a keytar.
  • enjoyed pumpkin pie gelato. First time we'd been to the South Grand Gelateria since construction time. We almost went back the next day. It's that good.
  • gawked at mom and dad's bumper crop of sweet potatoes. Seriously, enough for twenty family's Thanksgiving dinner.
What a great time! Now we're spending next week getting ready to move. This is all happening very, very fast! Expect random posts until we get settled in VA. And expect photos of the new place soon, too.

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