Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Did I mention that we're moving? I did? Did I mention that I have SO MUCH TO DO!? I'm trying so hard to not get caught up in everything that must be done. The last week in this place should be a time of reminiscing and remembering. Husband and I don't know if we'll ever be back. Perhaps for a little visit here or there, but I highly doubt that we will ever live in this part of the country again. I've been here for over 7 years. Hopefully we'll be in the next place for even longer. We leave next Wednesday.


A Day That Is Dessert said...

good luck to you!

nate said...

they say moving is the most stressful event Americans experience.

speaking from experience, moving across town with 3x as much stuff is only 1/3 as stressful as moving to a new time zone.

the math doesn't make sense. good luck and God's blessings on your move, and packing. my advice? take it in chunks, one room at a time. and have friends over to help you with the kitchen. bribing them with alcohol proves to be a great incentive. plus it's an excuse to hang out with you one last time. i have a special place in my heart, thinking back to my moves and the people who helped me with each one. those are your true friends.

whoa. that last sentence sounds like high school. and this comment is long.

Adrienne said...

Nate- it is stressful, but since we're such procrastinators, it's just one week of stress! And I don't think it's a good idea to liquor up the professional packers/movers... thank you Jesus for the packers! All we need to worry about is not loosing Zoe in the fray and then getting to VA safely.

nate said...

btw, sweet banner. did you create it?

Adrienne said...

Oh! I have just re-found (is that a word?) blog ~ I lost all my feeds sometime ago and had a hard time remembering all that I read. I hope you are enjoying VA - I'm pretty biased and think it's one of the best states ever ;-) Love your quilt - that is on my to do list ... along with way too much other stuff. I'm off to play catch up on your crafty-ness (another non word I suppose!).


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