Saturday, October 18, 2008


The machine is back! And don't worry, I've already tested it out. It runs beautifully! Here's my BTRS swap quilt. Binding is machine sewed to the front; I'll be hand-stitching it to the back as we head to St. Louis next week to see our parents. I've never done a binding before. Luckily, mom has. I've loved sewing this quilt, although it did give me some issues. More to come on the quilt when it's all done.

I am so excited to be able to sew again! Too bad we are so busy right now. Moving company came out for a quote yesterday. We'll be setting the final moving schedule this week. I've got a lot to wrap up at work, friends to see, closets to clean out. But, regardless of all that I will always have a few hours as the sun is rising to sit at the machine and sew. Par for the course, we have a busy day today. Husband has work tonight and I have my two last games as 4th and 5th grade volleyball coach. There will be cupcakes to celebrate. I'm off to create chocolate flavored volleyballs. Wish us luck!

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