Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October Projects

Dinner time at the Cultivated house often includes husband complaining that our dinner plates are not big enough for large portions (they're some odd size... I don't know). Well, those complaints are my sentiments this month. I find myself heaping project on top of project without the space on my plate for them. Between work, coaching volleyball 4 days a week (and two weekend tournaments), general upkeep of our house, plans with friends, etc. it's going to be a stretch! Plus, there's the possibility of a huge move ahead of us. GAH! Granted, sewing and creating is what I love to do with my free minutes so although I've got a lot happening, I'm not overwhelmed or regretting my choices. I've added a list* to the left sidebar over there, just to keep myself on track (pop out of reader and check it out). Lots of good things ahead!

*I really, really wanted to add progress bars (like Lynn at Craftstew), but for the life of my could not figure out how to install the code. Help!

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