Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Welcome to September, everyone. One of my goals for this month is to make a few clothes pieces for fall. I spent some time this morning trolling Flickr and I found inspiration. Mostly I just wish I could have one of everything from Wiksten. If someone wants to throw $200 my way so I can have a new shirt or dress, I'd love you forever. Aimee at Betsy Ross must have been onto something when she designed the Market Bag with pin tucks. EVERYTHING for autumn in the stores has pin tucks. Something I make will have pin tucks, too. As I have fallen in love with these photo collages recently, here's one for fall.
Lucky me, I have the pattern for the last one at home. Hopefully I'll start on that this week. It seems that I have a thing for long tunics with interesting necklines over dark, rolled jeans. I actually wore a version of this outfit today; similar fabric to #4, sleeveless like #7, and styled like #2. Except I wore it with these beauties that I picked up at the REI Labor Day sale.My love for the Chaco is strong and true. I've had a pair of men's without the toe strap for a long time that best friend Andie gave several years ago. These are a little daintier and I am LOVING the double green strap. Some may say that they don't 'go' with normal everyday clothes and to those people I say 'who cares?!? these are freaking CHACOS!'

Photo Cred
1. Yellow Shirt, 2. just stay on the path, no matter the mud, 3. pleated wrap, 4. tova shirt, 5. me in carolyn dress, 6. Untitled, 7. Anna Tunic, 8. built by me

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