Friday, August 29, 2008

Bend the Rules Sewing Lap Quilt Swap

The thinking is that the next BTRS swap will be the easy lap quilt. We'll buy our own fabric, mail it to our swap partner, and then s/he (who are we kidding... she) will sew it all up and mail it back. At first I didn't really like this idea; what if I spend $$$ on Amy Butler or Heather Bailey and then hate the quilt? But then I realized... better I end up with the quilt after spending that money than buying them for someone else and mailing a finished quilt off, never to be seen again. [And this has NOTHING to do with previous swaps or partners. A quilt is a lot more involved than handbags or home crafts!]

So, I'm starting to think about what I want my quilt to look like. It'll be great for autumn on the couch. Orange? Red? I put together this mosaic of previously done quilts as inspiration. I am loving #4 and #5. Be prepared for several 'I'm considering this fabric' posts in the future.

1. Easy Lap Quilt, 2. Easy Lap Quilt, 3. M's quilt, 4. Quilt front with Pillow, 5. Red and white, 6. Emma's study quilt, 7. Olive's Quilt - Top, 8. Quilt close up., 9. Easy Lap Quilt (single bed size)


froghair said...

hm. I'd love to see your collage, but there's a funny icon there instead.... looking forward to the swap!

Kris said...

Hi!!! Thanks so much for posting my quilt (*blush*) - it was so fun to make it! Let me know if you need the fabrics for it- I have it in my website shop. Have a great holiday weekend! ~ Kris


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