Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Long Lost Friend... Practicing Yoga

Friday morning I kicked myself in the butt and did yoga for the first time in a long time. I had previously been practicing almost daily, proceeded to get sick, stopped, and then never started again. Not so anymore! I could tell that I was out of practice and not as flexible/strong as I had been. My out-of-practice body still felt at home in certain poses; tree, warrior, plow.

I also put on music with lyrics as opposed to instrumental music. I think the words actually helped me to focus better, as having lyrics running through my head helped block out the normal flow of random thought that plagues my practice. No to-do lists on Friday morning, just the beautiful words of Jon Foreman. (Music starts at 0:35. If you don't have the time [coughpatiencecough] to watch the whole video, skip to 5:05 for one of the most incredible songs from Foreman's EP project)

My goal for this week... morning yoga 4/7 days. Hold me to that, would ya?

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