Thursday, July 24, 2008

On Emotions
Reason #317 Why I Love Husband

Funny things, those emotions. Funny how for some of us (eh em... ladies) emotions are not always something to be enjoyed and expressed, but rather something to be controlled, tolerated, and waited out. And while I would guess that most women are in tune and understanding of their emotions, it's the people in her path that are left wondering 'what just happened?'.

Perhaps it's not the emotions that are so hard to understand. We all get sad, angry, jealous, excited, happy. It's the combination of them all in a rapid succession that disorient and destroy. A punch in the face you understand. 'I just got punched in the face.' But how do you reconcile a punch in the face, a pat on the back, a kick to the groin, and a kiss on the lips in rapid succession? Again, the questions 'what just happened?' comes to mind. (By no means am I beating up Husband. Don't worry.)

A good friend and/or partner is one who can keep up. Maybe not reacting to each and every rapid fire feeling, but always moving forward, not stuck in the previous emotion, because, let's be honest, it's long gone (only to return in a few hours). Isn't that what we all want? Someone to understand us where we are and say 'I am here for you.'? And 'here' could be in any number of places; a sadness, an anger, a love, a tear, a rage. Knowing that you are not alone in your emotion gives you the strength to move through it, to face it, to shove it out the window, to live in it; whatever the appropriate response might be.

Let me get through this week without beating Husband with ridiculous requests, tears, death stares, needy embraces, or any combination thereof.


(Totally 100% unrelated... I wish I could give all the guys in My Morning Jacket tips on how to enhance the natural curl in their hair. They need my help. You can thank Austin City Limits for that one.)

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