Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WIP McCall's 5619

I am on a quest to find the perfect summer dress pattern. Circle skirt (or fullish skirt), high back, non-spaghetti straps (sleeves are OK), and if it could be easy to sew and zipperless that would be amazing. I found something that I think comes pretty close (McCall's 5619), although we'll see what I say when it's all sewn up. I couldn't find anything on patternreview.com and I also couldn't find any photos on flickr. I am not the first person to attempt this dress... where is everyone else?

Pattern sizing always throws me. Especially for a dress like this one. In RTW dresses (especially empire waisted ones), I can get away with a S or even XS. Not so with this sucker!The finished garment sizes seemed way too big, so I decided to sew up a muslin. I started with a 10 (my normal pattern size... why can't it be the same as regular clothes? So confusing!) and it fits well. I wasn't originally going to add the bottom to the muslin, but I think I might just to see how it all goes together before I attempt this dress with my real fabric.

Several mornings last week were spent lying in bed, not quite ready to begin the day and not quite done with rejuvenating my body and mind, pondering how to add elastic into the empire waist so I could skip the zipper. Thoughts?

And just because she's so darn cute.... Zoe.

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Amber said...

I don't know if this is old news for you or not, but your size for each brand of pattern will not be the same because each brand uses different amounts of "wearing ease" in the finished product. (McCall's and Simplicity sometimes add up to 7 extra inches!!)

Also, DON"T SKIP THE ZIPPER. You will be so much happier with the way the dress fits if you just take the time to do the zipper. You can't have a nicely fitted bodice with a woven fabric without the zipper.


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