Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reason #529 Why I Love Husband

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to stop storing my fabric stash in big boxes and instead display it on shelves so that I could actually see what I had. Saturday rolls around, I go out with some friends, call Husband to let him know I'm on my way home and he lets me know there's a surprise waiting for me. What could it be? A set of shelves! He actually listened to me droning on about sewing AND he bought me the exact shelf I wanted. Sunday shows up, I go to work that evening, come home, and there, in my living room, is the fully assembled shelf! This morning I moved it into the office and sorted my fabrics by type. Husband is way more color conscious than I am (his closet looks like a menswear shop) so I'll let him do the color sorting.
Taking this photo reminded me how useful my 18-55mm lens is. To think I've kept the 'bigger better' 55-200 on for so long, when sometimes all I really needed was 18mm. I think I might have to get reacquainted with this lens. For all you detail lovers... check out Flickr for way too many notes about what exactly is going on in this photo.

Tonight I'm going to try and finish up the muslin of McCall's 5619 and sew an apron for Lucy's Apron Angels idea. I found the perfect fabric (that I had forgotten about) while sorting fabric this morning.

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evangeline said...

That's alot of fabric...


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