Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Manifesto

As we move toward real, true summer, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish this season. Here it is... my Summer Manifesto (title and bloggy inspiration courtesy of Mine Creations).
  • Buy our vegetables from the Farmer's Market, not the store (our local one starts tomorrow! yea!)
  • Spend more time outside in the evenings, not on the couch. 14 miles of walking trails in this suburban wasteland... might as well put them to good use.
  • Sew 3 dresses (at least). I love them for summer, and would wear a dress every day if I could.
  • Keep the house clean. Enough said.
  • Bake more often and from more varied recipes. As much as I love the whole wheat choco chip cookies, I need to expand my repertoire. Plus, I have all the ingredients for bread, but have yet to make it.
  • Sleep in. Really try hard to stay asleep past 7. Husband would appreciate this one, for sure.
  • Practice yoga. Go to all the classes I can. Continue practicing in the mornings to give my days a good start.
  • Work on my flexibility. I have several tight spots that would benefit greatly from consistent stretching.
  • Other things as I discover I need work....
That doesn't seem that hard, does it?? I've found another yoga class (already Saturday morning + new Tuesday nights). I was the only one there last night, so it was a great one-on-one session. And it's FREE! Speaking of free.... look at the amazingness that is...

FREE FABRIC! This (and MORE!) was given to a coworker who then passed it on to me. Not necessarily things I would buy, but did I mention they were FREE? I have no plans for anything except something for a coworker who said she liked a fabric not shown here, and my first summer dress out of the stripped blue fabric on the left. The blue fabric is nice and reminds me of husband's collection (really, he has a lot) of blue oxfords. Plus, there are yards and yards of that one. At least eight!

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Stephanie Henderson said...

You and Andy will have even more twin outfits....AMAZING!


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