Monday, May 26, 2008

Sherbet Clutch

Finally finished this little project. It's the "Artsy Clutch" from Bend the Rules Sewing. The colors remind me of sherbet; perfect for summer!

I spent way too much time embroidering one side panel. How do I get around tying all those start and stop knots? Gross. I would have finished this a lot faster had I not dreaded the knots.
I didn't even buy anything new for this project.

Used fabric from the stash, left over flannel from the Pleated Beauty Bag, a little green hair tie (I have hundreds of these!), and a button I bought randomly when the local JoAnn's went out of business. Turned out perfect! This is a really thick clutch; the two layers of home dec fabric plus the layer of flannel lining might be a bit too much. Maybe I'll use quilters cotton for the lining next time?

Up next... a dress from stash fabric. I'm trying to sew through the stash without buying too much extra right now. We'll see how that goes after a trip to JoAnns today....


nate said...

so i was excited when you told me you had a blog. but now that i see that i'm getting nothing but baking tips and sewing advice...

when you get tired of making stuff for yourself you should sell it at

Adrienne said...

Baking and sewing are the joys in my life! When was the last time you made something from scratch? There's a great sense of accomplishment there. I suggest you try it.

nate said...

as i read this i'm eating a sausage pizza hot pocket


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