Sunday, May 11, 2008

BTRS Pleated Beauty Bag

Did another bag out of BTRS this weekend. Teal (blue? green? I am so bad at shades of color. Husband says that I grew up with the box of 8 crayons while everyone else had the 64. I seriously see in ROYGBIV and that's it.) bag, matching accent fabric, brown lining, orange stitching. The bird was my own addition, copied from a random FLICKR photo I found. The random stitches were in the original BTRS design. Lovely bag, easy enough, except finishing through all the layers on the pleat was INSANE. My machine went on strike shortly after I finished it. We've reconciled and I have another project planned for my evening OFF. I love not working!

Whenever I pull out the camera Miss Thing has to get involved.

1 comment:

pamma la said...

pretty bag pretty kitten!


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