Monday, May 12, 2008

Simplicity 3835

So, like everyone else in blogland, I sewed together Built By Wendy Simplicity 3835 this weekend. I've started it before, but didn't like the way the pattern fell after I cut it, so I abandoned it. Not this time! Bought some shirting on sale at JoAnns for $5. $5! I widened the bottom of the front panel and tightened the arms and neckline. Perfect fit. I'll be making this again, many, many times. However, I will not be making three sleeves. Note to self- don't sew two left sleeves. You have a left AND a right arm.

Next up, another BBW pattern. One that involves buttonholes (gasp!) and lots of pieces. I'll be sure to come back to 3835 after torturing myself with the new pattern for awhile.

Accompanying me during this project; David Bazan and The National.


Lewis said...

That's really a great picture of you. I still love your green wall behind you.
Glad you picked up blogging.

Green Kitchen said...

Looks great. I think I've made six or seven already. Whew! Next up is something a little more complicated.


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