Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corsage Shirt

What can you create with two knit shirts and half an hour?

This really is an easy cheater project; start with a shirt you like, buy another (the bigger the better... more fabric to work with), cut circles, and sew. See how easy that was?

I used two different sizes of circles, 2.5 in. and 3 in. I cut about 15 of each. Stack a small and a large circle, crimp/fold to give it a bit of texture (see below), and sew about 1/2 inch across the center (don't forget to reverse at the beginning and end!). Placement is totally up to you. Before I began attaching flowers I put on my keeper shirt and marked a nice start and end location with pins (you can see one below, too). Continue stacking circles, folding, and sewing until the corsage has reached your desired size and fullness.

I love the way this turned out and am thinking about other takes on this idea... how great would a grey shirt with a multi-hued grey corsage look for fall? Gah! Another project!


Anonymous said...

I love it, well done!

Ashley said...

Looks great! I'd love to try. Do you have a tool that cuts your circles so neatly? Or any tips?

Adrienne said...

Creative- Thanks!

Ashley- I traced two different jars using a regular old pencil. I did these in doubles; traced a circle, put a pin through the middle to hold the two layers together, and then cut. Then I used my sewing scissors (that only cut fabric; I never use them on paper. They stay sharp this way.) to cut out the circles. The edges might curl up just a bit, but this adds to the design! Good luck and post back if you do one! I'd love to see it!

Emily said...

Love this - I just made my own version using your directions! Thanks!!

Heather said...

So sweet! I just love how this turned out


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