Monday, September 14, 2009

Accidental Mixed Berry Apple Butter

Canning has become my new obsession. The happiest moment of my day yesterday was when Husband found pint canning jars on the clearance rack of Target and picked them up without even batting an eye. What a man!

A few weeks ago I set out to make apple butter; gathered necessary supplies, purchased Gala apples from the farmers market, de-cluttered the kitchen to make room for all my canning stuff. Ehh... did I mention I did this all one morning before work? So, there I was, in all my canning glory, counting minutes until I had to be at work. All was going well; the apples were simmering, the sugar and spices were mixed, the jars were steaming in the dishwasher.

It was going to be easy peasy... until I realized that I was short on apples and definitely not short on sugar. Lesson learned... measure your fruit BEFORE mixing it with the sugar. Since I didn't set out to make apple flavored candy that morning, I did what I could to spare my mixture. First I spooned out the excess sugar. Then I remembered the berries that had taken up residence in my freezer. I quickly got them defrosted and pureed, mixed them in with my apple/sugar/spice mixture and had the most incredible 'Accidental Mixed Berry Apple Butter'. YUM! I will definitely try to recreate this one in the future.

How do you serve your apple butter? So far we've had it on toast, graham crackers, and waffles. Mom has suggested on ham. Any other suggestions??

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