Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swapped: Charming Handbag

Here it is... my finished Charming Handbag for the BTRSSwap.

For the most part, this was a breeze to put together. I put in a hidden magnet closure (not sure how it will work out. My swap partner will have to let me know). I used a vintage floral that my mom had given me awhile back. The ribbon trim was also from mom; whenever she sends fabric she ties them up in little ribbons. This was exactly enough to add to the bag. Lining is pale blue quilters cotton. Overall a great stash-busting swap.

I also sent 4 cards of vintage rick-rack that I had. I'm not really a rick-rack person and I bought this as part of a larger lot at a church sale. I'm happy to be able to pass it on to someone who will hopefully use it (since I won't).

Both this swap and the flirty apron swap have really gotten me thinking about sewing with vintage fabrics instead of purchasing new ones. Where does one find great vintage sheets, tableclothes, and linens? Ebay? Thrift stores?


Becca said...

Adrienne, email my mom. I bet she has a million or knows an amish family that will sell them cheap. This is her bag (ha, so you can make bags!).
Do you want a hotdog???

Hermione J. Schwartz said...

Thrift stores are a good place. I think eBay can have nice ones, but I find that they aren't so economical after shipping and all. I also have found some good fabrics and other linins at flea markets and yard sales. If you can rfind someone with them ask if they have more or know of anyone else with some. A lot of times they will put things to the side for you or collect more for the next week.

Your bag looks great and just shines with a thrifty glimmer!


Paula said...

Etsy's a great place also. I bought my vintage tablecloth for the Flirty Apron Swap from there. We seem to have alot of estate sales around here and that's always a great place for vintage linens. Sometimes I even score some great vintage aprons. Love those estate sales!
You're bag turned out incredibly cute. Lucky partner!

Emily said...

Your bag turned out great! I am a huge fan of thrifted fabric - I visit thrift stores almost weekly. It is so hit or miss, since their "stock" changes daily. I also garage/yard sale all summer. It is funny because I usually try out a pattern on the thrifted fabric or sheets, thinking I will eventually make it in "fancier" fabric, but then end up liking the thrifted version :)


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