Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This Tuesday was a great day for two reasons:

1. I received my BTRS Swap package! Emily did a fabulous job on all of it. She made a wonderful bag out of a really fun fabric. I love the way she made the tab closure (I will be stealing this idea, Emily). She also made a really cute pincushion and included new pins, too. THANK YOU EMILY! [Ummm, perhaps I should start sewing for my partner now...]

2. Carrot cake! I made this cake last year when Husband and I celebrated Easter with our Chicago friends [I MISS you guys!] instead of our St. Louis families. It was GOOD then and it was GREAT again on Tuesday night. Husband and I are members of a small group Bible study on Tuesdays of several really great couples in their 20s and 30s. We always have dinner and dessert before we begin. I usually bring dessert (although others have made fabulous desserts, too). As you can see by the large portion that was eaten, this was a big hit. Cake recipe here and frosting here.Use only 1.5 C sugar in cake and 3 C in frosting, or else it will be WAY TOO SWEET!

Time for me to run home (posting from the library again; who volunteers to call the Internet company for me??) and eat the last of that cake!


Emily said...

I'm glad it arrived and you like it! I like your sunny pictures better than my "Late at night just got done" pictures of it!

evangeline said...

Emily great job...Adrienne watch out when I come to visit you it might just end up in my luggage :)


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