Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day To-Do

They (who is this 'they', anyway?) are forecasting that our area [DC metro] will be getting 4-9 inches of snow tonight. I will be doing my part to make this happen tonight by throwing ice cubes in the toilet, wearing my pajamas inside out, and puttting a spoon under my pillow. Why? Because if we get that much snow then the federal government will close and so will my place of employment. I already have a list started of things to accomplish tomorrow. Say a prayer that we get a heap of snow and that I complete at least a few of the things below.

  1. Finish cleaning the office/sewing/music room. It's almost done! Posting about it really did motivate me to clean it up.

  2. Continue (finish?!?) a project that is long overdue and for some reason just being an absolute beast. I think the messy room is a mental block to large scale projects.

  3. Make a few of these Crooked Coasters from so we don't damage our new coffee table.

And in totally unrelated to snow day news... we received our new couch this weekend. The one we ordered 3 months ago and couldn't quite remember what it looked like. Turns out it is pretty fantastic. And I suppose this is related to snow day news as I will hopefully be spending some time on the couch tomorrow.

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