Friday, September 12, 2008

Simplicity 3964

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting with friends/colleagues and one such friend asked me to make her a full length apron (I prefer half and have made her a half before). So after lunch we went to JoAnns and while we were there I ended up buying a pattern I have wanted for a long time. How can you pass up a $1.99 pattern sale? While we were at JoAnns another friend called to let us know that she was just hired for her dream job! Yea Evangeline! So, the three of us decided we needed to go out and celebrate. I got home from JoAnns and decided that there was no better time than the present, so I immediately went to work. 4 hours later I had a new shirt. Finished just as I had to leave. Ran out the door and had a great night.

This shirt is only about $6 in fabric. The blue cotton shirting was a remnant that I got for 50% off ($3?). The white is a pillowcase that I bought at Ikea for $0.50 in the As-Is department. The insert is an Amy Butler fat quarter that came as part of the bundle my mom got my for my birthday. I had all of it in the stash. The AB hadn't been washed yet, but I was in a rush, so this shirt will not be going near any warm water or air anytime soon. Skipped the neck binding and tie and did a hook and eye in the back instead.

I love the way this turned out. Funny how this isn't any project that I said I was going to make. Perhaps I sew better when moved by the moment. (Although I do remember mentioning Amy Butler and interesting yokes in the same sentence awhile back). Got lots of complements last night, too.


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This is nothing... I've seen some of the same pattern made out of shiny fabric that totally rivals a superhero get-up.


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