Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sewist for Hire?

This morning I put my time spent doing yoga to practical use. While sewing another BTRS Charming Handbag I somehow managed to sidestep into a needle that had fallen on the floor. This was not just your normal poke. I'm used to those by now. This was full on needle-in-my-foot action. Seconds after pulling it out [DISGUSTING], the blood began to flow. FLOW, people. So I bent my foot up and around into a bit of King Dancer and proceeded to holler for Husband to bring me some tissue. He was sound asleep, mind you, so waking him from the next room took some time. Crisis averted. Resume stitching.

Today is a co-worker's birthday, so I spent an hour this morning putting this charming bag together. Everything came from the stash, which was a spectacular feat.

I believe this bag matches the cat quite well, doesn't it? I've got it wrapped up here with me at my desk. We'll see what Sue thinks later. She loves gingham and always wears black (the bag is black, not brown as it might appear), so I'm thinking this will be an A+.

As an aside, if you sew or craft, how do you feel about being asked to do things for others? I love making gifts. That's totally different. But what about specific requests from others. Granted, I would probably sew a purse, apron, or home dec sort of thing for anyone who asked, but what about things that are a bit more difficult. This doesn't even take into account dealing with fit. Screwing up my own apparel is one thing, but what if it is for someone else? So, here's my question: When asked, do you oblige others or do you make an excuse? Why?


Venus de Hilo said...

I recently started sewing again, purely for fun. If asked to make something (hasn't happened yet but might), I'd decline for exactly that reason.

I LOVE to make gifts, but with a commission there's pressure to do it "right" to the client's standards, not to mine. Which they might think are a little odd.

Love your blog and projects, BTW. Keep coming across your pics on Flickr, "hey, that's nice... oh, it's Cultivated Life again." Gonna add you to my contacts over there.

Anonymous said...

When I was asked most recently, she immediately offered to pay, and I accepted that, and kept it very reasonable- I did not mind having a large "favour factor" in there, in terms of the time actually spent. It was a few baby blanket projects- simple, no fit required. For complex fitting, I would probably decline, but perhaps try to help out if a simple garment were needed. Now that I have new grandbabies to sew for, though, I would be reluctant to take on much more, and would explain about the time (that I maybe do not have!)


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