Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Charming Day

This morning, while husband perused the music blogs (he does this a LOT), I cleaned up the sewing table. Well, I started cleaning the table but then decided sewing is always time better spent, so I started another Charming Handbag from BTRS. It was half done when I left for work and quickly completed in less than an hour this afternoon.

Made entirely from scraps, and totally matching the placemats I made for the BTRS swap, this is another perfect little bag. Outside is green home dec, dotted inside is cotton. Orange is ribbon.

I've discovered that I always have music playing. Always. At work, during yoga, while sewing. Music focuses my mind on something other than the million things I'm constantly thinking about! Here's what I listened to while sewing (Husband's Indie Acoustic mix from iTunes; click for a larger photo.).

It was the perfect low key list for this afternoon. And as Conor sang the last lines of Lua I was threading the handles into place. Perfection.

P.S. Hey all of you reading in Google Reader or the like... pop out and check out the new layout and the *beautiful* new banner Andy made for me. As Paris Hilton would say (how many thousands of times have we all seen her new campaign video?) LOVES IT! What a great (and creative) hubby!

1 comment:

Apples & Olive said...

hi. just found your blog. enjoy your sewing projects.

ps. my husband was in the band the format. :) good music choice.


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