Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bend the Rules Sewing Placemat Swap

Here it is... my finished swap project. (Ani... I totally forgot to include a recipe with them! Sorry!)

These turned out great, but I don't think I'd ever make placemats like this again. There isn't enough solid green for my taste. I'd make the inside piece smaller. I think I'd also patchwork the front instead of putting the inner piece on top of a huge piece of fabric (seems like a waste to me). The green solid is home dec fabric and these turned out really thick. Either use quilting cotton and line with flannel, or use home dec without a lining. Even with all the changes, this project has inspired me to make placemats for our house. Or, at least add placemats to my 'future projects' list. The napkins were SUPER easy, two from one fat quarter. I'm totally going to make a bunch of these for us to use instead of paper towels.

I'll post about the package I receive when it gets here... exciting!!

1 comment:

Bad Birdy said...

I received these and love them! Thank you!


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