Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome Back

Long time no see, blog world. It's been basically 9 months since I have touched this blog. Don't worry, I have thought about you many, many times. But life got in the way, and the blog was pushed to the bottom of the list.

So, what has happened in the past 9 months? Oh man, a LOT. We bought our first house, and moved in April. That was an ordeal, a happy ordeal, which included buying new furniture, painting, more painting, and spending a nice amount of time decorating our new home.

Another first at our house... first baby is on the way! This has been the biggest change in the past nine months, and probably the biggest reason why the blog has fallen aside. Mama's got work to do! I have been planning, researching, sewing, crafting, and sleeping (oh, there is a lot of sleeping), in order to prepare for Baby Girl's March arrival. Husband and I are over the moon. Can't wait to show you all that we have done for her so far. Also can't wait for the blog to take on a new aspect... my little soapbox about natural birth and attachment/gentle parenting.

What else? Oh, little things like changes at work, a huge water leak at the aforementioned new house, trips around the country for weddings of friends and family. But things seem to be calming down and I am excited to share my life with all of you again.

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