Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Crafting

Decorating for Christmas is a big deal at our house. Not because we go all out, or because we buy tons of new things every year, but because Husband and I both enjoy it and we especially love building on what we've done in years previous.

This week I found a great little tutorial for Crochet Chain Christmas Trees at Seams of Life. I whipped up a few of these before a Christmas party we had yesterday, and I think they add a nice pop of color to our dining room table. Last week Husband crafted (can you believe it?) this card tree. A simple branch from the back yard, a vase we already had, and some binder clips and tape and voila! A beautifully simple way to display our Christmas cards [except... we had 1 inch of snow last week. No one can drive in the snow here. Someone took out our GIANT bank of neighborhood mailboxes and now we can't get any mail until it returns. Hrmphf!]

Christmas Centerpiece Card Tree

So, those are our little addition to the decorations this year. Do you have any last minute projects to add to your holiday displays?

1 comment:

heather said...

They turned out great! Thanks for sharing. And how lucky you are to have a husband who get's in on the crafting.


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