Thursday, March 19, 2009

The End of Water Marks and Paper Clutter

Many crafty things have been happening at the Cultivated house (finally!). The onset of Spring has not only brought on the beginnings of new plants and an increase in temperatures, but it has awakened my desire to create and craft, too.

I've sewn 6 Crooked Coasters. Now Husband can stop freaking out about mug rings on the coffee table. The top one is finished and the one behind needs it's strings cut. I sewed all the lines without cutting the thread; I just backstitched at the end, lifted the foot, moved it, and continued with the next line.

I modified a pattern from the wonderful book Sew and Stow to make this organizer. Our filing cabinet lives in a closet downstairs and our shredder is upstairs. We have so many papers cluttering the kitchen counter that need to be either filed or shredded. I will be hanging this up and separating the papers into 'file' and 'shred' until they can be taken care of instead of throwing them all over the counter or piling them up around the house.

The green fabric is home dec from the stash and the print fabric is vintage that my mom found and then gave to me. I love it and have just enough left for another project. The trim is bias binding. I have never worked with store bought bb before, and will definitely do so in the future. This binding is also vintage; I purchased a huge bag of old rick rack and bindings at a church sale last year. $1 for nearly 20 packages. Very nice deal! I am so happy with how this turned out, very evenly sewn and neat. Too bad it will probably end up hanging in a closet (the whole point is to get the papers OUT of view...).

I've also been working on this. More photos and explanation to come later. As you can see, much has been acomplished recently. Now to begin on my BTRS Swap project.

PS... I am not nearly as angry or fanatical as that last post might have made me seem.... Just someone who's examining their own life through the scope of society. I am still ruminating on the idea of consumption and am constantly evaluating my own successes and failures in this aspect of my life.

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