Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life in VA: Update #1

Apologies for the scarcity in blogging. Double apologies for the boring nature of my most recent postings.

Life in our new state is going well. Although I am busy with work, I see Husband more than I did in IL. I have more free time than I did in IL. I am in proximity to way more Starbucks than I was in IL (that one could be either positive or negative, depending on how you look at it). On the flip side, I have not been crafting as much as I did in IL.

Unfortunately, our new craft/office/music room is a complete mess. This is what happens when you mush the contents of two rooms together into one smaller space. The room currently contains a computer desk, my sewing table with two machines, four bookcases, about 5 guitars, and a keyboard. Not to mention two boxes of stuff that have no home (Thursday I do not have to work and MUST get this room clean). All this did not stop me from a bit of Christmas crafting.

I made some fabric chargers for the table a few weeks ago. No photos today. Maybe tomorrow. Red and white ticking on the front and solid red on the back. They look great with a crisp white runner, white and red dishes, and some lovely votive holders that I received for Christmas from a co-worker.

I've also started on some crafty Christmas gifts that have become New Years gifts that will most likely be "Happy January 15!" presents. Anyone know of an obscure holiday that falls in the middle of January?

And, just to appease the 'must always post a photo when blogging' gods, here's a shot of our new living room. Ignore the couch and the ottoman, as we purchased a new couch a few weeks ago (impulse buy of sorts; we had been looking for a new couch for a month and although we knew we wanted to buy one, we walked out of Arhaus that day bewildered; "Did we just buy a couch?") and a new table on Sunday (courtesy of several Christmas checks, memo field was 'coffee table' as we told people that's what we were saving to buy).

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