Monday, November 10, 2008


We're here. I'm at the public library (walking distance from our house, score!). The moving truck is unloading as I type. Job starts on Wednesday. So far so good. A few things to note...
  1. Went to the Obama rally on Tuesday night. That experience was one of the most incredible of my life. Absolutely amazing. I was especially proud when it was announced that VA went blue. "That's our state!", Husband and I cheered. Words can't describe the joy and hope that were present with us as we watched CNN on the jumbotrons and then later listened to Pres. Obama speak. And the party in the streets afterwards was unreal, too.
  2. Sewing goodness to come soon, once we figure out how to cram our new office with all my sewing stuff, our computer desk, and about 12 various musical instruments. Husband wants to hang the stringed ones on the walls. I think the landlord might be a bit upset about all the anchor holes in the drywall. We'll see.

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Matt Maxfield said...

hope the new place is coming together...put up some pics when you have time...



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