Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Here's what's been happening around the house recently...
  • Husband has a fabulous job offer in Virginia; 700 miles away from where we currently live. If we take it we'll be moving during the first part of November. We've been undertaking a sort of 'Fall Cleaning' to prepare. If we end up not going, then we'll just have a shiny, organized house. If he does accept the offer, moving will be a breeze (fingers crossed!). Decision will be made in the next two weeks.
  • Got a LOT of work done on the BTRS quilt. On Thursday I sewed the top, readied the back, and got my binding ready, then yesterday I bought batting and started sewing the quilt together. I'm hoping to finish it this week; not necessarily to send off, as I don't want to put undue pressure on my partner, but so that in case of a move, it'll be done and I won't have to worry about it at the last minute.
  • Ordered a Fat Quarter from ruralFABRIC. I'll have my fall place mats this week!
  • Coaching a VBall tourney this weekend. We lost yesterday. Two more games today. I'm hoping the attitudes improve and we don't get stuck in a slump.
  • It's a chilly 42 degrees outside right now. We've vowed to keep our heat set low this winter, a la Crunchy Chicken's 'Freeze Yur Buns Challenge'. Crunchy is one of my favorite blogs. It is my hope that we live a "thoughtful life"; thinking about what we do, what we consume, and how we affect the world around us. Thoughtful living describes a lifestyle and not a passing trend, which I find most 'green' things to be right now. Crunchy's blog is definitely about changing the way you live, and not just buying NEW GREEN STUFF! Anyway... we're getting acclimated to the cooler temps, keeping the heat low (haven't even turned it on yet), bundling up (I'm wrapped in a quilt my mom made for me right now), and not heating parts of the house we're never in. Husband is always warm and is loving this right now. He hasn't been 'cold' yet (the lowest temp in the house thus far this week was 61). I am the wuss who's always chilly! I'm thinking the heat will be set on 60 during the morning and evening and 55 during the night and time we're away from the house.
WOW that is a long post... my apologies!

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