Monday, September 8, 2008

Simplicity 4111

After my success of this weekend's sewing project, I am ready and super psyched to keep sewing fall clothes. I want to revisit Simplicity 4111 soon. I LOVE the chick on the pattern envelope. I want this shirt in my size, please. I'm 80% sure I can find a plaid like this at JoAnn's. You can't, however find this pattern anymore as it is out of print. Yikes! I guess I didn't realize they retire patterns so soon after releasing them. Oh well... I have my copy!

Here's my version of 4111. This was made a long time ago (a year ago?) out of an Ikea sheet. It was the first piece of clothing I've ever made. And look at how those lines line up! Incredible! It was supposed to be a muslin for a different fabric, but it turned out so well I wear it often (errands and such). Husband hates when I wear this because he can't get past the sheet part. I suppose he's not as into repurposing materials as I am. Oh well; he's not the one wearing it. Anyway, so after I find my to-die-for plaid I'm going to make this again (out of REAL fabric!). I'm raising the neckline and adding an inch or so to the top of the bodice. Grading out at the hips (you know, the ushe).
Why in the world does my face always look so odd in these 'Look what I made' photos? Wait a minute... don't answer that. I suppose staring at a tiny little needle for hours on end would make anyone a bit cross-eyed.


Claudia said...

You look GREAT and so does your blouse!

Anonymous said...

i have been meaning to make this one! looks good.

Little Bitsys said...

I just finished this blouse, too. Love it on you! I agree with raising the bodice a bit and making it longer, I thought I might go up a size next time.


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