Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marimekko To-Market WIP

I spent a few hours this morning working on the To-Market bag. I've gotten it as far as it will go until my handles arrive (they're supposed to ship today... fingers crossed). I'm not willing to sew the outside and inside together yet, just in case I decide to go with a D-ring instead of attaching the handles directly to the bag. I made a few changes and will share when it's all said and done!
I added a lined inner pocket. Previously my pockets were always sort of wonky, wider at the corners than in the middle. I made sure to angle in a bit at the corners when sewing the pocket to it's lining and the problem is (basically) fixed.
I'm quite happy with how the bag has turned out so far, but I do have one dilemma. What do I do with these little threads on the bottom of the pin-tucks? I think they add a bit of character, but I also think they have the possibility of looking unfinished. Thoughts?

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