Thursday, August 21, 2008

Buy Nothing August - Update

It's been simple living around here recently. Not window shopping and not buying has given us more time with each other, more time to think, and just generally more time to sit around and be bored. The Olympics have done their fare share of eating into our time, too. I have read in several different places this week that retailers and advertisers sell products by making us think we're unhappy without their new thing. I have, and I'm sure you have too, felt this many times. I see something I want, I can't buy it, I feel bad about not owning it. Whether it's new clothes, something for the house, sewing things, whatever. Funny thing is, I buy more than enough food, I have tons of clothes, the bills are paid, Husband does a great job of keeping me company, so why in the world would not having more stuff make me feel bad? It is quite ridiculous when you think about it.

During our 'Buy Nothing August' I have felt the emotional tie to buying release from my life. Yes, I've seen several things that I want, but knowing in advance that I will not be buying them prevents the inner push/pull over the decision to buy. I'm just not buying it. Done. No emotions, no bad feelings. After August is over (as we are nearing the end of the month) I can see this carrying over into 'Buy Stuff Months'. If I need a new pair of pants, buy a new pair of pants. If I need something for the house, buy something for the house. Do NOT wander around Target looking at every item and considering 'Should I buy this? Do I want this? Do I even like this?'. Obviously, you do not need it if you are asking yourself these questions!

Now, don't think that we've been 100% on par and our bank account is bursting at the seams. We have bought things. Have we bought a whole lot less than we normally would? Hell yes! The only things that I can recall us buying are books for work and my purse handles. We have been eating out... we're starting to slip in this area, but the cash system for fast food helps. Starbucks and the new Burger King Mocha Joe [WOW these are good] do not help, either.

Overall, August ended up being a 'actually consider where your money is going and therefore buy a whole lot less than you normally would' month for us. No one died from not going to the mall or Target, and we're rethinking purchasing just to purchase. Success!

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