Saturday, August 2, 2008

BNA Update #1

We're one day in and we're on track. Yesterday we went out to go to the bank and avoided the TWO targets we passed on the way. We also had to return some things somewhere else and didn't even take time to browse around. Instead of dinner out we had a great dinner in with friends.

I did spend $3.94 on coupons, but I only bought ones for things we ALWAYS buy. Total savings after using the coups will be $25.

Tonight we're heading out to the movies. Our local theater does buy 9 tickets get one free. The free one has to be a two week old show. I have at least 5 free tix in my wallet, so that gives us a couple of chances to go for free. I'm already planning on making our own chocolate covered pretzels to take, too.

Hopefully tomorrow (tonight?) I'll have a new skirt to show you from Sew What Skirts. Mustard yellow crinkly cotton. Sounds weird; should be nice. I'm still debating on zipper or elastic, though. I'm planning on attempting the zip and turning to elastic when desperate times call for it.

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