Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Week In Review

This week was an absolute lovely one... my birthday was Friday and it seemed as though I actually had a whole week devoted to me. The celebration included birthday Mexican dinner with B, birthday pedicure with Steph, and (actual) birthday trip to Ravinia with Husband, friends, and Feist. There was also a birthday flower delivery from Andie... GORGEOUS! And fragrant, too. Really, really fragrant.
I also received my BTRS swap from Danielle. Nothing beats birthday gifts from strangers. How great are these placemats? Nice and bright, covered in one of my favorite summer treats. Two are as pictured and two have pink edging and napkins. I really love the way Danielle adjusted the pattern. I would imagine that this simple switch would shave off a lot of cutting, sewing, and ribbon folding time. It would also solve the fabric wasting problem from the original design. I will be replicating these, for sure. Danielle also mitered the corners of the napkins... another design idea I will be using. It was a great week spent with lots of friends and goodies. This week is looking to be just as good. Our 2nd anniversary is Monday. 2 down, 75 to go, right Andy?

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~ d said...

I'm so glad you like them (and my adjustments to the original designs). Happy birthday!!


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