Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pleated Beauty Bag Demon

That's my new title; 'bag demon'. I volunteered to be a 'bag angel' for Lynn who never got a bag in the Bend the Rules Sewing Swap. It took me FOREVER to get her bag done. I feel quite guilty about this! Hence the self bestowed 'bag demon' name. I love the way it turned out and I hope she does too, despite the timing.

I worked really hard to make it all line up and be really well made. I especially loved how the reinforcing around the top of the pleats turned out and the top stitching around the top is, too. The yellow fabric is (was) a duvet cover from Ikea and the black fabric is... black fabric.

To come soon... skirts from Sew What Skirts (Husband bought it for me for our anniversary) and some 'plastic' bags for shopping. I think they'd actually be really great out of this yellow fabric.


Lynn said...

I love it! Thank you so much! And you're definitely a bag angel, not a bag demon :p

Anonymous said...

This is a really good-looking bag. Love your fabric choices. Nice job!

Debbie S.


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