Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Weekend Well Spent

I spent this afternoon at a great BBQ with coworkers and friends. I made the slab pie from Martha Stewart's baking book (recipe here; the book version did not include the glaze, just brush with cream and lightly cover with 1/4 C sanding or granulated sugar). Easier than a regular pie, and it cools in 45 minutes, instead of 3 hours. This one also feeds more people, and has a better 'crust to pie ratio' as we discovered at the BBQ. Did I mention that I live where baking and math come together in perfect harmony?

Last night husband had to run to work after we were in the local parade. I spent the time embroidering and this is just one of the things I finished.

Pattern courtesy of the lovely ladies at Pimp Stitch. One of the most exciting parts of my weekend (2nd only to hot date night) was being featured on the Pimp Stitch blog! How cool is that?? I can't wait to see what other kind of cool patterns they put out, and I can't wait to have the perfect recipient for such a wise old owl. Overall, it was a weekend well spent.

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